“Learning to stay with the trouble of living and dying together on a damaged earth will prove more conducive to the kind of thinking and action that could provide the means to building more livable futures.” Donna Haraway.

“Resisting Extinction” is a performance work that will offer embodied practices for grieving and resisting extinction amidst our spiraling ecological devastation. The work will offer participatory practices for building relationship and agency through three simultaneously unfolding performance events. These will unfold on shorelines and riverbanks in different communities.

“weather walk” is one-on-one solo performance journey through the landscape. We will transform our small talk about the weather into big talk about the climate crisis. We want to shift our audiences’ nervous systems to learn something new and transform the way we perceive ourselves as embedded porous beings of multiplicity.  We want to build practices for living and dying together on a damaged earth.  

the missing” is an unidentified multi-species being, an extinct beast, who haunts the landscape. A seemingly invisible performance that flickers on the periphery of our consciousness.

A century ago death was part of life but with medical advancements, our experience of death has become diluted so we are creating series of participatory “grieving practices”. These will manifest as naming meditations for endangered and extinct beings, breathing and wailing practices, dying and decomposing somaticizations. Recognizing ecological grief as a legitimate response to ecological multi-species loss is an important next step to humanize the climate crisis and its related impacts, and for expanding our understanding of what it means to be human and to survive in this swiftly transforming moment.

Collaborators include Maria Lothe and Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas.

Project partners include Oslo Kommune, the Nordic residency at SITE in Farsta, Sweden, Bærum Kulturhus, DanseFestival Barents, Stellaris Dance Company, Norway/New Zealand, and the Performance Arcade, New Zealand.




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