Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of being alive in this moment on the planet?
We’re living in an era of widespread individual and collective dissociation. It’s easy to lose touch with a sense of self, become disoriented and disconnected from the world in which we live.
This workshop is an opportunity to slow down, center yourself and reawaken your innate capacity for connection with what is going on inside and around you. 
Ecosomatics is a dynamic approach to living and learning which engages us in embodied practices to bring is into deeper relations with the world in which live. In this workshop we will engage with ecosomatic practices for living and dying together on a damaged earth. Together we will practice living, breathing, moving, sensing, perceiving, digesting, dying, and decomposing to help us perceive more of the whole scale of the sensitivities and intelligences within us, the human and non-human, the transforming spaces, the before and after. We will hone our skills, to improvise, to play, to experiment, to be receptive, to be in the unknown and trust we have the resources in our bodies to negotiate, survive, and thrive.

With these tools from somatic practice, dance and choreography we can take some scientific phenomena and translate them into embodied experience. This allows us to gain different experiential perspectives on something that otherwise might just be conceptual information. Understanding scientific phenomena through embodied practice allows us to generate different kinds of being, feeling, understanding, and thinking which can generate new ways of relating, behaving, and giving value to the more than human world. This could be very simple things such as our invisible relationship with the plants and trees. What is it to be a tree breathing?

This class is for anyone and everybody interested in movement, the body and consciousness regardless of experience or ability.

Online 6 week series
The Operating System online 6 week series
Klimahuset and Bygdøy, Oslo fjord weekend workshop


Online 6 week series
Online 4 class intensive
TantsuRUUM, Tallinn, Estonia weekend workshop
Public spaces, Wellington, Aotearoa,  3 days
(Re-)Gaining Ecological Futures, Berlin, afternoon workshop
Studio Los Almendros, Cabuya, Costa Rica, 5 day workshop

Ecosomatic Practices for Living and Dying, Movement Research 5 part online series
Leaning, Sensing, Feeling: Action in Ecological Literacy, 4 part online series, Organised Natalie Joelle and funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council’s CHASE Climate Justice Network

Oslo Ecosomatic Intensive, Østmarka, 6 days