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“This production’s awareness of the environment and the ecological crisis takes on a rather experimental form in this dance scene, which distinguishes it from most of the works that have come out in recent years. This time, site-specificity is not merely in the service of decoration or showmanship: the site amplifies the theme, and the production is resonant of people’s direct experience of nature, albeit directed by the performers. The whole action is engaging and practical rather than distantly spectacular.”

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Interested in embodied embryology?

We are delighted to share with you our fluid spaces website. The website acts as portal into a collection of fluid spaces a radical embryology laboratory, an installation of dance and somatic states, that uses touch and movement as doorways into our embryonic journey. The website features the gorgeous drawings of Katja Henriksen Schia, performance documentation and many workshops, talks and video works including “Forces, relationships and directions in liquid metabolic fields” with movement researcher Konrad Obermeier,  and “The body and the body politic: New constituencies.” with developmental biologist Scott Gilbert.