Ecosomatics intensive online

November 21-24 from 15-17:00 CET

Ecosomatics is a dynamic approach to learning and living which utilizes embodiment practices to build knowledge which can support our transformation to move from concern, to care, to action when it comes to the ecological crisis.

Ecosomatic practices for living and dying on a damaged online class series

Dec 2- Feb 8, Thursdays 10-12:00 CET

In this ongoing class series we offer practices for living and dying together on a damaged earth. Together we will practice living, breathing, sensing, perceiving, digesting, dying, and decomposing to help us perceive more of the whole scale of the sensitivities and intelligences within us, the human and non-human, the transforming spaces, the before and after.

Pathways of communication: the Nervous System through the lens of Body-Mind Centering® workshop

January 28 + 29, Teatersenter, Oslo

Experience first occurs on the cellular level. Our nervous system is the recording system of our body. It records our experiences and organizes them into patterns. It can then recall the experience and modify it by integrating it with patterns of other systems and previous experiences. Our nervous system is the last to know, but, once knowing, it becomes a major control center of psychophysical processes.