Resisting Extinction touring 2025

BodyCartography’s Resisting Extinction will be developed and performed in landscapes in Cyprus, Denmark, and Poland with local and international performers. This presentation is happening with the support of Perform Europe as part of the Resisting Extinction at the Peripheries project.

As the world is experiencing a climate emergency, the core of the project offers adaptive practices for performers and audiences to develop understanding and resilience in the fight against climate change on a personal and collective level.

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Upcoming opportunities to study Body-Mind Centering©

Learn more about our Oslo Body-Mind Centering® training 2024-2025 and our upcoming 500 hour Somatic Movement Education program at Somatic Education Australasia beginning in February 2025.

Interested in embodied embryology?

We are delighted to share with you our fluid spaces website. The website acts as portal into a collection of fluid spaces a radical embryology laboratory, an installation of dance and somatic states, that uses touch and movement as doorways into our embryonic journey. The website features many workshops, talks and video works with offerings from Konrad Obermeier,  developmental biologist Scott Gilbert and others.