February 26th 1998
Majoriebank St,
Wellington, New Zealand
A tiny office with a window on to Majoriebanks Street, our yin space. We were inside, installed for six hours. Two settees set up outside. On either side of the street. The room, a white box became a TV art show, a sauna, a jewel, a mush pile, a fish tank, a sex show, a kinetic sculpture. 

Performers: Andy Irving, Bronwyn Haywood, Catrina Friedlander, Chris Jackson, Eileen Watson, Karen Daly, Katie Regalsford, Kilda Northcott, Michelle Powles, Olive Bieringa, Pietr Roncevich, Roger Livingston, Sumara Fraser, Tony Wolf, Zoe Miller, Oliver Connew

Photos: Bruce Connew

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