Freyberg beach

Wellington, New Zealand
March 1998
Another hot evening. Lots of people at an inner city beach gathered unsuspectingly as we began our Tuning score on the beach.

Gradually expanding out to the perimeters of the beach and into the water. Ten performers flocking on the floating raft, six way back on the beach. Returning to land shaking off salty wetness to find stillness and resolution. The circle keeps growing.

Performers: Andy Irving, Bronwyn Haywood, Catrina Friedlander, Chris Jackson, Claire O’Leary, Eileen Watson, John Jacobsen, Karen Daly, Katie Regalsford, Mark Minnard, Olive Bieringa, Pietr Roncevich, Roger Livingston, Kilda Northcott, Sumara Fraser, Zoe Miller