All workshops take place at the Southern Theater unless otherwise stated

Thursday October 20

4-6pm Performance Writing with Emily Gastineau. Location: upstairs at 3304 E24th, Minneapolis.

Friday October 21

10am – 12pm  Body-Mind Centering® with Otto Ramstad

1 – 3pm  Tuning Scores with Olive Bieringa

3.30 – 5.30pm Katie Burgess

Saturday October 22

9.15 – 10.30am Chair class with Anna Marie Shogren

10.45 – 12.45pm Materials for the Spine with Otto Ramstad

1 – 3pm Embodied Performance with Olive Bieringa

3.30 – 5.30pm Contact Improvisation with Dustin Haug

Sunday October 23

9 – 10.30am Core Kinetics Yoga with Vie Boheme

10.45am – 12.15pm Intergenerational dance class with Justin Jones

4 – 6pm Performance Writing (part 2) with Emily Gastineau. Location: upstairs at 3304 E24th, Minneapolis.

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Workshop descriptions

P1100522Performance Writing

This workshop will form a temporary cohort of arts writers who will respond to the proposals put forth in the festival. First we’ll look at various strategies for using language to interact with the live experience of performance–from traditional reviews, to embodied methods, to critical essays, to other experimental formats. Then, on their own time, the participants will write a short piece on a performance in the festival, and we’ll reconvene to peer edit and sharpen our responses. Participants  have the option to publish their writing on Culturebot.  Open to both new and experienced writers on dance. Please note there are two sessions: Thursday and Sunday 4-6pm


P1100499Body-Mind Centering® is a study of the vital materiality of the body. Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, BMC® is an experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical  and developmental principles, utilizing movement, touch, voice and mind. Its uniqueness lies in the specificity with which each of the body systems can be personally embodied and integrated, the fundamental groundwork of developmental repatterning, and the utilization of a body-based language to describe movement and body-mind relationships. 



10515100_362779350542460_3434607727742154072_oTuning Scores is a phenomenological practice of how we sense and make sense of movement through somatic explorations of the senses and their connections to desire. It looks at how a dance behavior occurs in the body. It is an in-depth study of how vision and ways of seeing connect to the other senses to make tangible and felt connections using space, and working with other dancers. Tuning Scores is a practice developed By Lisa Nelson.



Class with Katy Burgess

Over the past few years, I’ve been mentored by Double Edge Theatre, an ensemble in Western Massachusetts that prioritizes actor training in the development of performance creation.  My time with Double Edge has brought up many important questions surrounding my physical, energetic, and spiritual presence.  I continue to research these questions alone, with my own ensemble, Children of the Wild, and in workshop settings.  It can be a highly physical practice so please come prepared to move and sweat.  You will leave with increased bodily awareness, connection to the group, and perspective on your creative process.

anna-vital-mattersChair Class is a seated fitness class appropriate for all aging bodies; a workout and a brief study of a few physicalities necessary for independence and aspirations.  Drawing reference from evidence based SAIL Fitness and Body-Mind Centering®, thought and embodiment will focus on balance, cognition, and strength.  If possible bring small hand weights or a set of canned goods.  



25964760082_8596eee5b2_kMaterials for the Spine is an exploration of the movement possibilities within the muscles surrounding the spine, as well as, the connections between the head, pelvis, and vertebrae. “With Material for the Spine, I am interested in alloying a technical approach to the processes of improvisation. It is a system for exploring interior and exterior muscles of the back.” Steve Paxton developed this work in 1986, after he had already developed Contact Improvisation. This is a solo practice that can help strengthen the foundation of person’s movement.



Embodied Performance 

Utilizing the support of different body systems, participants will explore the balance of internal and external awareness and intention in performative contexts.




BodyCartography warms up in St. Louis outside of Union Depot.Contact Improvisation

Moving through the world, I see more people holding phones than each other’s hands, touching screens more often than bodies, texting rather than talking.  What is the place of the material, physical body in a world that so highly values the projected, digital image?  I don’t know if contact improvisation can answer this question, but I do think it offers a counterpoint to how so many of us spend our time.  In this workshop, we’ll explore a range of physical connection, embrace the awkwardness of not knowing, and find a little joyous beauty along the way.



vie_yoga_cuThe Core Kinetics Yoga system combines elements of Vinyasa and Power yoga with movement and rhythm in order to melt space, time and sound together providing a unique means of being available in the present moment. Benefits include increased capacity for upper and lower body integration, increased blood flow through the body and joints, increased proprioception and teaches one to use the ancient practice of uddiyana bandha, core lock, to allow for intentional direction of energy and awareness. The practices teach physical embodiment of philosophical concepts to create a holistic integration of body/mind.



Something for Myself final5Intergenerational dance class

This workshop is for dancers of all ages and abilities. We will explore a variety of improvisational movement activities that engage creativity, build connection to self and others and widen smiles. Bring your whole family and enjoy dancing together.