Marin Headlands, CA 

We performed a number of large group scores on the field between the officers houses, now artists accomodations and the studios and battery sites for the open day at the Headlands Center for the Arts. 

Performers in orange: Beaker Prince, Brian Burt, Chris White, Gretchen Schuster, Jez Parez, Jon Lustig, Kate Gibson, Kathy Ketman, Kris Bieringa, Lawrenzo Share, Lea Bender, Liza , Olive Bieringa, Riccardo Morrison, Rob Penn, Samantha Beers, Shelly Smith, Steven Kessler, Susan Glover, Tara Brandell, Tara Hernandez, Wang Poshu

CA 4

CA, Marin 3


Ca, Burning man 4