San Francisco, CA

participants: Ara Rosenthal, Beaker Prince, Chris White, Christina Lella, Ivy Greene, Lea Bender, Louisa Bertleson, Neil Marcus, Pato Draves, Sarah Bly, Sean Feit, Steven Kessler, Tracy Vogel, Wang PoShu
What I saw today

with BodyCartography

fried my potatoes and shucked my corn.

Unveiling and preparing staples

of beauty, sustenance, freedom, and

joy, yes joy

and deodorant commercials, dolphin backs

and meter maid mayhem. What is possible?

What is possible##**&&!!? THIS IS POSSIBLE.

What it is to show God a good time### Wholeness full

expression, never ending completion

beautiful sunlight tree-swinging thriller-day crosswalk


RESPECT compassion Hands to pavement, heart

to sky My, oh my. Beauty in essence. Thank you.

April 30, full moon, Beltane,,,,,,,,,,,

—–Contributed by participant Ivy Greene