What can you wear when everyone else is naked? Business suits, grey suits.

The score began as we walked through the bathing area dressed in our suits. Eric, with a wire in his ear, pretending to be security. As the audience gathered Eric continued to maintain his bodyguard presence as other suits disappeared into the bushes.

Above the audience on a hillside, where animal sculptures made out of cut metal had been installed, we worked with our own animal nature, passing back and forth across the side of the hill, entering and exiting behind ledges in the hillside and trees. After some time we began to descend down the hill to the ruin of an old building, a concrete wall which someone had built a mosaic on to. As a group we explored ways of descending and supporting each other, building different structures out of the structure that already existed and letting it decay. Moving past the wall to the garden and labyrinth below we created different islands of activity, duets and solos that generated themselves and played with specific elements of / from each space. The end of the piece, we came together at the sundial, where we stacked our clothes and headed up the path naked toward the pools, slapping our bums pink and singing.

Performers: Chris White, Eric Fink, Lawrenzo Share, Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad, Samantha Beers, Stephan Habitz, Tracy Vogel