Condition investigates the ecological entwinement of self, other and environment. It is an anatomical dance of the skin, nervous systems and the special senses making an ongoing journey between our inner and outer landscapes to explore environmental issues, specifically global climate change.

The installation performance utilized a large block of ice, multiple projections, a remote controlled car, a wireless camera and incredible vibrational sound, that was felt by the skin, generated by Alice Kemp, a UK composer.

The sound composition for the first two sections of the piece are designed to be felt through the skin. 

The video projections in the piece operate to geographically locate the work, abruptly changing from inside the body to outside, from wilderness to urban to ravaged landscape, from micro to macro. A miniature camera on the roof of the remote controlled jeep takes us through a farm, a safari, a glacier and then to the real streets.

Concept and performance: Olive Bieringa
Sound: Alice Kemp
Special thanks to Marlon Barrios-Solano, Otto Ramstad, and Alice Kemp


Long island University, NYC
SoWat Festival produced by the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art