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October 2012

Supernatural Star Turns

By Press, Press for Super Nature

Source: the Green Room blog, Walker Arts Center

Author: Pemelope Freeh

Date: October 26th, 2012

To spark discussion, the Walker invites local artists and critics to write overnight reviews of ourperformances. The ongoing Re:View series shares a diverse array of independent voices andopinions; it doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of the Walker or its curators. Today, PenelopeFreeh shares her perspective on Thursday night’s performance of Super Nature by theBodyCartography Project with Zeena Parkins. 

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BodyCartography brings empathy and melodrama to the Walker

By Press, Press for Super Nature

Source: City Pages

Author: Sheila Regan

Date: October 23, 2012

Last spring, BodyCartography Project set up an unusual installation at the Walker Art Center. Participants signed up for individual oneonone sessions with BC dancers in small, empty gallery rooms surrounded by curtains. What happened during those time slots varied wildly depending on the interactions between the audience member and the dancer. The installation was part of an investigation of empathy that feeds into this weekend’s performance of “Super Nature.”

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