We train critical and creative thinkers and movers who are passionate about movement research. We teach physical and technical skill, embodiment,  empathy, empowerment, improvisation and community activism. Our passion in teaching is about pursuing a rigorous study of self through one’s physical and perceptual choice-making.

We teach independent artists, dance companies, and others in public workshops,  festivals, universities and professional trainings such as Body-Mind Centering® certification programs internationally. Any of our workshops can be tailored for performers and non-performers, people with and without disabilities, kids and adults. We offer classes in Body-Mind Centering®, improvisational dance, contact improvisation, dance composition, dance film and site dance, and one-on-one sessions in Body-Mind Centering® and shiatsu.

Recently we have taught for DOCH, Cullberg Ballet, Stockholm, TanzFabrik, Eden Studios, Berlin, KHIO, Praxisfestivalen, Oslo,  Impulstanz, Vienna, Movement Research, NYC, Winona State University, Carleton College, and Wayne State University in the USA.