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Stevie Ada Klaark


August 2018

Collaboration is an act that requires an intentional willingness towards play and trust. BodyCartography Project’s Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad have organized performances that breach the boundaries we create with body and space and within the mind through challenging the institution and the relationship between performer and viewer. The Place of Space is the Ecstasy of St Therese in reverse. This is a dismantling, an undoing. Heavy blankets in red, yellow ochre and cobalt blue –the triadic. The fabric smells of animals and earth and enshroud both floor and body. They are not neatly draped, flowing off of a white marble form. They are tightly wrapped or loosely disregarded in a slow game of conceal and reveal within the confines of a gallery space. There is an invisible thread between bodies as they expand and contract into one another, becoming abstracted shapes, a continuous reveal into the ambiguous. As Donna Haraway said , “Recursion can be a drag.”

This project is a prototype version of the museum of fluid spaces.