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10 Fantastic South Minneapolis Performances of 2010

10 Fantastic South Minneapolis Performances of 2010 – Symptom

By January 6, 2011December 16th, 2021Press, Press for Symptom

Author: Sheila Regan Source: SouthWest Minneapolis Patch
Date: January 3rd, 2011

We look back at some great theater and dance shows that happened this year…

Another presentation of Intermedia Arts Catalyst Series was Symptom, a performance by Body Cartography Project. I loved the show, though it confused me. The show played with the idea of the gap between seeing and knowing, the elusiveness of truth, and the mythology that surrounds much contemporary art and art stars, as well as the collision between the visual arts and dance. With a blank backdrop, the performance centered around two performers: Emmett and Otto Ramstad, real life siblings, wearing turquoise corduroys and white t-shirts. Using casual gestural poses, the performers created sculptures with their bodies, eventually playing with rhythm as well. The sound-scape, created by Andrea Parkins, utilized sound effects that hearkened back to a 1940s radio show. Spoken text was eventually incorporated into the show as the performers described their thoughts and actions, while the sound of the microphone fumbling added to the audio. It was a stirring piece, viscerally, and I ended up thinking about it quite a lot afterwards.