Tuning Score, developed by dance-maker Lisa Nelson, is an improvisational composition practice and performance research format that is a performance in itself. It offers tools and a framework for communication and a model of collaboration that is constructed by the players in the act of doing. As a practice of real-time editing and instant replay, Tuning is an aesthetic game and a self-balancing system that uncovers its intention each time anew. The research focuses on the action of the senses– the physical base of the imagination. How does composition arise in the body and its environment? Focusing on vision, touch, and hearing, the scores and practices provoke spontaneous compositions that make evident our opinions about who/where we are, how each of us senses and makes sense of movement, initiating a playful and rigorous dialogue-in-action about space, time, movement, and the innate desire to compose our experience. These explorations give insight into performance and dance-making processes, cross disciplinary lines, and invite people of all ages and abilities to participate in the questions they provoke. 

Text modified from Arts Stations Foundation website & Lisa Nelson