Big Lowdown, Bedlam
August 15, 16, 17, 2014
Featuring dance stars Emma Barber, Kimberly Lesik, Dolo McComb, Alex Lange, Lindsay Bullock, and Nathan Gebhard

We created a work in five short rehearsals and it explores the idea revealed in the title; softening the curves of the city as an individual and collective act inspired by the work of Austrian artist Valie Export.

“a fascinating performance by The BodyCartography Project. Six people dressed in orange meld their bodies onto the concrete and metal surfaces of an alleyway, and get absolutely filthy because they are literally rolling around on the ground with their faces and bodies pressed into the concrete, hanging on anything and everything. I could have watched these amorphous beings creating strange and beautiful shapes for hours.”







10608656_362779977209064_9221694838663679070_ophotos by Farrington Llewellyn and Olive Bieringa