MN, shoebox6
June 2004


On the corner of Lake St and Chicago In South Minneapolis is the fabulous Roberts Shoe Store. The Shoebox Performance Festival curated by the BodyCartography Project presented all day dancing and performance in the Shoebox from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


10am the BodyCartography Project -dance/music
10.25 Krista Walsh- installation

11.10 Alan Ernst and Mike Brindley – music and poetry
MN, shoebox411.25 Laurie Van Wieren
11.35 Emily Potter and Nell Saunders -dance
11.45 Free tap – Mike Brindley and Matt Dahlstrom – dance

12.00 Caryn and Sharyn- Molly Van Avery and Margot Basset
12.15 Otto Ramstad -dance
12.30 Bryce Beverlin II – music

1.00 Mankwe Ndosi – Music of Order and Pain
1.20 Catherine Baumgartner and Mattheo Kelli-Halbesleben – dance
1.40 Blacki – music

MN, shoebox22.00 Leigh Combs- story time
2.30 Leah Nelson- Conversation for a Street Corner – improvisation that
moves and speaks
2.50 Josie Winship & Mary Esch – Eddie the Cowboy

3.00 Sherry Saterstrom, Denise Gagner and Allison Lorenzen – dance
3.20 3 Dances –Brinsley Davis and Jamie Garner- dance
3.30 Catalyst – Emily Johnson -dance

4.55 3 dances – dance
4.15 Josie Winship and Mary Esch – dance
MN, shoebox3

mn, shoebox4.25 Laurie Van Wieren – dance installation
4.40 BodyCartography Project -dance/music

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