Minneapolis, USA

Our research at the site consisted of Authentic Movement solos of the area and Solo Replay scores with the group.Our musicians, two percussionists we had never met before set there drum kit up under a tree. The bass drum suspended from a branch. The performance itself began with our audience arriving whilst we were in solos in different areas of the park. A loud boom brought us all together to begin our folkdance, a series of simple unison movements that led us through the park. Flashy jazz moves, trailing circles and lines, rolling four square patterns. This was followed by Solo Replay (one person solos, everyone replays their version of the solo), and then flocking which led us up through the pools. Each to dance in our own pool and finally exit together up through the pools, wet from the waist down to diappear behind the trellis.

Performers: Arwen Wilder, David Wick, Margit Galanter, Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad