March 7, 8, 9th 2003
Frank Kitts Lagoon, Wellington, New Zealand

Winner of the Perlorous Creativity Award and the Best Outdoor Work of the 2003 New Zealand Fringe Festival!

A large scale site performance and community dance project on Wellington Harbour’s Frank Kitt’s lagoon. The performance took place on boats, walls, hills and in the water. It was seen by an audience of around 2500.

“The crowd applauded and laughed at their antics and settled back to watch a show that combined theatricality, ingenuity and sheer daring.”
– Jenny Stevenson, Dominon Post

NZ, lagoon wall trioLagoon performers: Alana Yee, Alyx Duncan, Anna Bate, Emma Mongan, Emma Deaken, Gabby Deighton, Geoff Gilson, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Jenny Lux, Jenny Cossey, Joe Moe, Julia Sadler, Kilda Northcott, Kris Bieringa, Lee Parker-Prophet, Levity Beet, Marcus McShane, Maria Dubrowska, Michelle Scullion, Nick Granville, Noha Ramadan, Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad, Pietr Roncevich, Robin Ward, Ronnie Moe, Sally Barratt-Boyes, Sascha Copland, Tania Bond, Val Smith, Wilhemeena Gordon

Ensemble Performers: Nicholas Moody, Sky, Juliet Shelley , Alice Shelley, Oliver Connew, Anthony, Cynthia, Andrew Jary, Rachel, Richard, Kelly, Dave, Stella, Jay, and others special guests.

Crew: Kris Bieringa, Richard Mitchell, Peter Stenhouse, Shelley McCarten

CA, lagoon wallSponsors: Lambton Harbour Management, Fringe Kakano Fund from Creative New Zealand, The Performing Arts Foundation of New Zealand, Wellington City Council, Lion Foundation, Lodge in the City, Pandoro Bakery, (e) vision, Epitome, Brandons, Astra Print, BWX

Special thanks to Perry Walker from Lambton Harbour, Andrew Richardson, Nick and David Daniella from WCC, Marcus Wilson, Grouse Lighting, Audio Analysis, the Bieringa family, Wellington Dragon Boat Festival, Richard Bluck and Melectra Management, Alyx Duncan, Ivy Granite, Catherine Griffiths



NZ, lagoon poles bwLAGOON

 An earlier version of took place in March 2002

 Winners of the New Zealand Fringe Outdoor and Dance Awards 

“Their work crosses boundaries between dance, installation art and kinetic sculpture… It has high visual impact and offers a series of images that can seem like the eye’s equivalent of haiku…”
– Jennifer Shennan, Evening Post

This work was made in collaboration with composer Michelle Scullion and performed over three nights of the NZ Fringe Festival. We
NZ, Lagoon poles colorhave been working down at the Lagoon for a month. As we have been absorbing the spaces, elements and inhabitants of this place they have in turn been absorbing us. We have noticed an echo effect; we dance in a space for some time and a little while later we see kids and other people trying out dancing in the space. What we offer you tonight is a distillation of our time here; images and expressions of the water, the wind, the traffic, the goose, the art of the Lagoon.

Dancers: Vicky Kapo, Gabbi Deighton, Michelle Powles, Brook Wetherall, Lisa Ellen Mills, Kathy Livermore, Kim Buckley, Stella Senior, Geoff Gilson, Maria Dabrowska, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Ollie from Common Sense Organics, Olive Bieringa & Otto Ramstad

Musicians: Andreas Lepper, Nick Granville, Wade Sharp, Ronnie Moi, Joe Moi, Pati Umaga, Elena & Michelle Scullion

Lighting: Marcus McShane




NZ lagoon groupBig thanks: David Daniella and the WCC Youth Development Department, Andrew Richardson and Maurice Newport, Melectra Management Ltd, Richard Bluck, Ian Prior, John Gibbons, video crew Jo Craig, Sasha Whitehouse and Alyx Duncan, Frank, Jesse and Colsey from the Wellington Dragon Boat Festival, Pandoro Bakery, Health Mensana, Laurie Counsel and the Wellington Rowing Club, Deb Feast, Sandy Jeffs, Nick Farrance, Andrew Jarry, Eva Dabrowska, Mel Hamilton, Perry Walker and the Lambton Harbor Management, NZ Fringe Festival, Ollie, Ashley, Kris and all our extra performers, E-Vision, and all of the Bieringa family.

This event was made possible without the generosity of all our performers and the support of our sponsors: Willi Fels Memorial Trust, Kakano funding from the NZ Fringe & Creative NZ, Wellington City Council Community Arts and the Boatshed.