This collaboration is a continuation of Otto Ramstad’s research from Lineage, which was presented at OITF 2020. With artistic genealogical research as a backdrop, he and his daughter Uma will move from looking at the past in the present to looking from the present to the future.

Uma Rabbit Bieringa Ramstad (2011) attends the Rudolf Steiner School in Oslo and studies dance and electric guitar. She has performed with Tekstlab, Rom for Dans Ung and as part of the BodyCartography Project.

Otto Ramstad (1975) is a dance artist who works with movement research to create performances, video works and installations for theatres, galleries, museums and various site- and context-specific encounters. He has collaborated with Olive Bieringa in the BodyCartography Project for over 20 years. He has also created commissioned works for Lyon Opera Ballet, Touch Compass, New Zealand and PS122, NYC, and danced for Mia Habib, DD Dorvillier, Miguel Gutierrez, Sara Shelton Mann and Kitt Johnson.