Port Townsend, WA

Room 2003 300Our first magical residence on the fog filled Pacific ocean amidst millitary bunkers. 

We spent the month exploring dance film ideas with Christopher Maykut, Frieda Kipar, Jesse Winship, Leslie Seiters, Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad, Ron Estes, Shelly Smith.

We shot our first film ROOM during the residency. In ROOM the kinesthetic play of light, sound and movement reveal the beauty of a room in an abandoned military bunker, our coexistence with it and one another. Engaging our senses, perceptions and the cartography of our bodies we investigate the physiology of the world around us, using place as a medium to make art.This work displays our first investigation in creating work for the camera, giving us the freedom to work in more remote and intimate locations. This work displays our improvisational choreography, the simplicity of a singular frame and the choreographic power of editing.