This workshop will provide an introduction to the Basic Neurocellular Patterns. The development of these patterns in humans parallels the evolutionary development of movement through the animal kingdom. The Basic Neurocellular Patterns are the words of our movement. They are the building blocks for the phrases and sentences of our activities. They also establish a base for our perceptual relationships (including body image and spatial orientation) and for our learning and communication.

Workshop will include:

-Exploration of the prevertebrate patterns: Vibration, Cellular, Sponging, Pulsation, Mouthing, and Prespinal.

-Exploration of the vertebrate patterns: spinal, homologous, homolateral, and contralateral.

-Distinguishing and integrating the actions of yield, push, reach and pull.

-Combinations of the vertebrate patterns that facilitate their integration.
-Facilitating developmental repatterning in yourself and others.

The BNP have extensive application in the areas of movement and psychophysical expression. Done in sequences, the BNP can also form the basis for a deep and ongoing personal movement practice.


This class is for anyone who is interested in learning more about their body and mind through movement including people who work with babies and young children, yoga practitioners, bodyworkers, athletes, performers, dancers, martial artists, philosophers, educators and artists of all kinds.

Olive Bieringa is part of small team of certified teachers of Body-Mind Centering® teaching for trainings in Italy, Germany, America and France. 

Workshop will be taught in English and will take place at Oslo Teatersenter from 10- 17 both days. 
2000-2500 NOK sliding scale. Early bird is 1800 NOK if paid in full by December 15. Reserve a spot 500 NOK. Space is limited.

Payment by Vipps, bank transfer or cash. Limited wok study available.

To register or for more information contact Olive 
+47 466 422 67

Check out a video of a Basic Neurocellular Patterns workshop by clicking here.