Angel Island, San Francisco Bay
Another ruined building. Room after room of peeling paint. Stairs smashed away to prevent people climbing to the upper levels. Rooms ringed with guttering. Window frames empty of glass. Rooms filled with sunlight. Dressed in white we began an open hour exploration through the corridors, windowsills, courtyard, dark spaces and gardens. This was followed by an accumulation score where over a given period of time everyone would end up in several pools of light in one particular room. Everyone began outside the room.
Performers in white: Alex Zaphiris, Emmett Ramstad, Eric Fink, Heike Wrede, Kyla Wetherall, Laura Podowski, Lawrenzo Share, Louisa Bertleson, Margot Lystra, Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad, Rafael Cohen, Samantha Beers, Wang Poshu
CA 3