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Annabel Wilson

Source: ON Cool Hunting Aotearoa 

Summer 2016

Along the waterfront, the annual Performance Arcade was well worth a look-see as a microcosm of creativity emerged from a series of shipping containers over March 2 – 6. Drawn by the wafting aromas of a bbq, I stumbled upon this mini village on the opening night then returned to chill out on the grassy bank and explore the different zones as The Playground NZ‘s Art Party unfolded. Visiting musos took to the stage in one of the containers, my favourites being the ethereal Orchestra of Spheres and rockabilly Phantasticus – both of whom rocked the Newtown Festival too. Luminous jellyfish installations and a delightful water bar were housed in other steel boxes, and dancers from Footnote took members of the public on one-on-one dance forays around the immediate space. My dance host was an amiable bloke called Adam who took me on an urban voyage. In this 15 minute show entitled closer by Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad of the BodyCartography Project, the relationship between audience and performer was traversed on a stage of concrete and brick; against a backdrop of ocean and sky.