Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad have been collaborating as BodyCartography Project for the past twenty years.  The mission of BodyCartography Project is to engage with the vital materiality of our bodies to create live performance that facilitates a re-enchantment of embodiment, relationship, and presence. We create dance in urban, domestic, wild, and social landscapes. Our work is rooted in experimental, somatic, and socially engaged practices.

We have created projects across the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, UK, France, Russia and South America. Our works range from intimate interventions in public space,  large community site works, intimate installations for the museum to complex works for the stage.

Movement research, somatic and improvisational practice inform the ground of our dance-making and teaching practice. Somatic practice, specifically Body-Mind Centering®, is an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body and consciousness. We are certified teachers of Body-Mind Centering® working internationally.

We have collaborate with dancers, composers, visual artists, scientists, and filmmakers including Anna Marie Shogren, Justin Jones,  Emmett Ramstad, Zeena Parkins, Bryce Beverlin II, Fritz Haeg, Margit Galanter, Shanai Mattieson, Carl Christian Lange, Hijack amongst others. 

Our programming includes performances, installations, films, workshops, talks, and curatorial projects. We are invested in an art making practice that holds itself to a high international standard and participates in a global exchange of ideas. Projects include Vital Matters Dance Festival for Minneapolis, SEEDS Festival, City Art Collaboratory, Kinesthetic Kinos amongst others. 

Honors include a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Art in 2015, Twin Cities City Pages Dance Company of the Year 2013, City Pages Artists of the Year 2008, Sage Award for Outstanding Performance 2008, Sage Award for Audience Choice 2006. Our site spectacle Lagoon was the winner of the Perlorous Trust Creativity Award at the New Zealand Fringe Festival in 2003. We are featured artists in the first book about site dance in the USA published by University of Florida Press entitled Site Dance, the Lure of Alternative Spaces.

Our presenters and commissioners include San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis International Film Festival, Minnesota Public Television, Minneapolis; American Realness, Dance Theater Workshop, Movement Research, Dance on Camera Festival, NYC; TBA/Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts; Philadelphia Dance Project; Anti-Festival, Finland; Stromereien Festival, Zurich; Lyon Opera Ballet, Lyon; South East Dance, Cheshire Dance, UK; Te Papa Tongarewa National Museum of New Zealand, NZ International Film Festival, New Zealand; Cinedans, Amsterdam; Polish Public Television. 

Our work has been supported by residencies at the Walker Art Center, Bell Museum of Natural History, Soap Factory, Nash Gallery/University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography, Tallahassee; Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin; K3, Hamburg; Les Subsistances, Lyon; War<so>Vie,Warsaw, amongst others.