September 2003
Informal video screening and performance on the Wilke Memorial, beside the Mississippi in Winona

This performance took place on the side of the Wilke, a paddle boat replica built on the riverbank of the Mississippi in its own pool of water. It houses run down catering facilities for weddings and parties. As the sunset faded the work began. First with some excerpts of our film Seawall shot in another part of Minnesota on Lake Superior and some footage of Winona shot from the other side of the river. Following this was an improvised work which incorporated a five dancers and a movement ensemble of students from Winona State University dressed in orange and the musician David Echelard dressed in a bright blue suit and perched initially on the top of the boat. He had an amplified set up from where he sang and played accordian. The performers moved throughout the three levels of the Wilke, in the water area it is perched in that creates an apron like proscenium and behind the audience on the railway tracks and streets into the town.

WSU student response
Amy Bican
Dance Appreciation

Body Cartography Performance- September 28, 2003
I was fortunate enough to be presented the opportunity to perform as an ensemble member in the production and was also able to watch the majority of the piece. In the show, we did some things we worked on in class. We “played follow the leader” and also got to move in our own ways at the end. It made me wish I had auditioned for the Body Cartography Project in the first place. Some things we did and some things I saw gave me many ideas for our own midterm projects. Watching the performance brought out a lot of emotion for me. Every performer did such an amazing job it really made me want to be more a part of it. Their individual improvisations flowed nicely and made for a wonderful picture with every one else involved. I also loved how they could come together and improvise with each other and make it look like it was very rehearsed. I was very moved by their motions and how well they worked together. I loved Otto’s solo in the water and how he worked with his surroundings. Another part I really enjoyed was when they went to the street and started chasing cars and running down the road. It was something I will never forget. I will definitely watch for Olive and Otto in the future and go to as many of the performances as I can. Thank you Olive and Otto for opening up this whole new world to me and for letting me be apart of it while you were here.

Performers: Megan Flood, Colin Rusch, Otto Ramstad, Olive Bieringa, Susie Soukaseume, Michelle Kolbe, Ken Abbott, Bethany Lynn Gytri, Andrew Waldron, Sheena Gifford, Wynn Fricke

Music: David Echelard

Ensemble: WSU students

Video: The BodyCartography Project.
Shot on location in Grand Marais and Winona

This event is the first in series of site-specific public screenings and performances in Minnesota. We are in the process of creating five short dance video works shot on location around Minnesota for this series.

This Performance is a part of a two week Body Cartography Residency sponsored by the WSU 2003-04 Lyceum Series with support from Winona State University, the WSU Foundation, the WSU Student Activity Fee Distribution Committee and grants from privately funded sources, including Target stores, and the WSU Department of Theatre and Dance and the WSU Residential College River-Themed Living and Learning Community.

In addition this performance was also made possible with support from Forecast Public Art Works, and the Jerome Foundation