weather walk

weather walk unfolds as solo for an intimate audience of five which journeys through the landscape. We will transform our small talk about the weather into big talk about the climate emergency. The weather is a place where we encounter others. It entangles us. It invites us to improvise. How we talk about the weather is defined by where we grew up and where we live now. The lightness of discussing the weather does not contradict the depth. To talk about the weather is to speak of vulnerability, privilege, disaster, and to engage in complexity. To dance inside of the weather acknowledges that we are not separate. Every breath we take is an inter-breath, entangled with all other beings. We are in an ongoing dance with the weather, of effecting and being affected. Our microbiome forms its own weather. To talk of our microbiome is to discuss how we are constantly merging with other systems within the larger environment. We are entangled beings. We are porous beings. We are evolutionary beings. A dancing body provides new ways of coming into relationship with the earth’s body, its forces and forms, it’s atmosphere, other beings, revitalizing our perception of what is possible.

Weather walk with Amit Noy, Performance Arcade, Central Park, Wellington, New Zealand, 2023

Weather walk with Otto Ramstad, Bygdøy, Oslo, Norway, 2022

Weather Walk with Olive Bieringa, Danse Festival Barents, Hammerfest, 2021

Weather Walk with Maria Lothe, DansiT, Trondheim, Norway, 2021

Weather walk with Nina Wollny, Bygdøy, Oslo, Norway, 2021

Weather walk with Ornilia Ubisse, Bygdøy, Oslo, Norway, 2022

As we walk together, we will utilize tools from dance, somatics, storytelling, philosophy, therapy, and ecology to invite action. Audience is invited to join us in these practices. We want to go under the tone of our own and our audiences’ nervous systems to make space, learn something new, and transform the way we perceive ourselves as embedded, porous beings of multiplicity.

How can we expand our ecosomatic sense of existence to include more relations, more kin, more support? Many ecological species are waiting for us to catch up. We need to understand we are in deep community. Nature is ready to receive us in solidarity.

Through this performance work we are developing practices which support:

  • Moving in different ecosystems by opening up our sensory and perceptual capacities
  • Rewilding our bodies and minds
  • Reweaving our relational field with the more than human world
  • Feeling into our symbiotic relationships as embedded beings, sharing resources with the creatures below, above, all around and inside of us
  • Feeling into our our multiplicities, all the bacteria and fungi, and protozoa that coexist with us, that are us
  • Acknowledging we are organisms being hosted as well as an ecosystems hosting others
  • Exploring how our movement can help us metabolize our feelings, our anger and our grief, our fear and our joy
  • Improvising to help us to be with uncertainity
  • Using movement to conjure new language which can transform our perception and generate new behaviours
  • Finding language to conjure moving states which can transform our perception and generate new behaviours
  • Inviting perceptual shifts, shimmering, minute possibility for re-patterning and shapeshifting