the missing

30-45 minutes

In the missing the landscape comes alive, haunted by critically endangered multi-species beings. The audience is informed of some of the endangered and extinct beings of this specific place and invited to wander, to spend time with what is seen, unseen, present and missing. The experience highlights a relational field rather than a single spectacular figure/dancer/object. Some audiences explore, follow the moving landscape, some take a rest in one place and listen, some spend time talking with the fungi and foxes. 

Kalvøya, Bærum Kulturhus, 2022. Please note this particular footage has no audio.

“This production’s awareness of the environment and the ecological crisis takes on a rather experimental form in this dance scene, which distinguishes it from most of the works that have come out in recent years. This time, site-specificity is not merely in the service of decoration or showmanship: the site amplifies the theme, and the production is resonant of people’s direct experience of nature, albeit directed by the performers. The whole action is engaging and practical rather than distantly spectacular.”  Iiris Viirpalu, SIRP