PRAXIS Movement is a physical class series that offers different experiential approaches to movement, embodiment and consciousness. Olive Bieringa will host Body-Mind Centering® Tues 4.06. – Thurs 6.06. from 9.30-11.30. Book here
Body-Mind Centering® is an experiential approach to embodiment, movement and consciousness. Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen over the last several decades, BMC works with the conscious embodiment of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical, embryological and developmental principles. It uses anatomical information, guided movement, intentional touch, voice, expressive arts, and a developing awareness of the play of conscious attention, or mind. In this class series we will play with embryology as a point of departure for our movement practice.
About Olive:
Olive Bieringa is a dance, performance and visual artist workng at the intersection of social and creative practice, pedagogy, and healing. She is a teacher, and practitioner of Body-Mind Centering and a program director of Somatic Education Australasia. She collaborates with Otto Ramstad as the BodyCartography Project whose mission is to engage with the vital materiality of our bodies and minds to create live performance that facilitates a re-enchantment of embodiment, relationship, and presence. She is a doctoral candidate at the Theatre Academy, Uniarts Arts, Helsinki.