“Material For The Spine is a system. It attempts to examine the spine of Contact Improvisation.” Steve Paxton, 2008

Steve Paxton developed “Material for the Spine” in 1986 as an exploration of the movement possibilities within the muscles surrounding the spine, as well as the connections between the head, pelvis, and vertebrae. This solo practice is supported by specific exercises, body puzzles and ideokinetic imagery. It helps to strengthen the foundation of a person’s movement. Otto Ramstad followed Steve Paxton’s work of contact improvisation since 1996 and Paxton’s “Material For The Spine” since 2010. He will lead this introductory workshop to “Material for the Spine” incorporating his background as a performer, Contact Improviser and Body-Mind Centering® teacher.


“Swimming in gravity” celebrates the long collaboration between Steve Paxton and Contredanse by revisiting our relationship to gravity, the theme of his research throughout his career, and the question of heritage and transmission.
In partnership with Charleroi Danse, TICTAC art center and BOZAR.
25.03.19 – 20:00 // BOZAR
Steve Paxton Lecture / Lecture by Steve Paxton
28.03.19 – 19:00 // The Raffinerie-Charleroi Danse
Inherit, Transmit and Share / Legacy, Transmission and Sharing – Meet Steve Paxton, Baptiste Andrien, Ray Chung, Florence Corin, Patricia Kuypers, Denise Luccioni, Charlie Morrissey, Otto Ramstad and Scott Smith.
25> 29.03.19 – 9:30> 16:30 // The Raffinerie – Charleroi Dance & TICTAC art center
Workshops – Ray Chung, Patricia Kuypers, Charlie Morrissey, Otto Ramstad and Scott Smith.
25> 29.03.19 // BOZAR
Phantom Exhibition – Steve Paxton, Baptiste Andrien & Florence Corin for Contredanse.