City Center
San Francisco
February 17th 2000


This performance began with a intervention to transform the sculpture on Front st with our living bodies.

This was followed by a series of surprise duets that took place on the street. Two strangers stumble into an intimate duet with one another for an undefined amount of time. Part social interaction and part dance, the two pedestrians eventually separate and disappear into the bustle of Market street.

Performers dressed in business attire: Alex Zaphiris, Beaker Prince, Christina Lella, Eric Fink, Kate Gibson, Lawrenzo Share, Lea Bender, Louisa Bertleson, Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad, Patricia Zura, Shelly Smith, Wang Poshu


CA, market st hugging 1 

CA, market st hugging 3CA, market st hugging 2