Walker Art Center

August 2013

A four hour walking ritual for the opening of Fritz Haeg’s Domestic Integrities exhibit at the Walker Art Center.

“A key concept guiding the project is the interconnectedness between the wild, the garden, and the home. The opening event intentionally drew a line between the Foraging Circle, Haeg’s recently commissioned work in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and the domestic realm of the exhibition, with the help of Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad of BodyCartography Project. Together with a team of 9 dancers, they artfully led a procession of plants from the Foraging Circle into the gallery and delivered bread and spreads from the exhibition outside to the Foraging Circle with some unexpected moves along the way.” – Ashley Duffalo, an excerpt from the Walker blog

Performers: Emma Buechs, Joan Mathews, Amy Jones, Otto Ramstad, Hannah Geil-Neufeld, Olive Bieringa, Eben Kowler, Emily Ban, Cristina Tolson, Yumi Inomata

Fritz Haeg opening