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Low is the story of the body’s experience. Low is a visceral ride: a fully engaged physicality beginning in our organs and bones. Low is how we meet the world.

Hannah Playhouse
29 May, 7.30pm
30May, 7.30pm

The Transitional Cathedral
3 June, 7.30pm

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre
5 June, 7.30pm
6 June, 7.30pm

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Emily Adams performs Low“The word visceral was used a lot during this process, and for me, this most accurately describes the work. We need to be present, to open up to our body and the audience, the space and each other. I am not a dancer performing, I am a person experiencing and sharing an energy that has been cultivated by everyone in the room.” 

Olivia McGregor

“The journey of this work from the inside is a sort of collective cleansing procedure. The movement escapes the body without going through a sieve. The result is raw, honest and the experience is truly humanizing.”

Emma Dellabarca

Footnote Luigi arcs


“Creating ‘Low’ was an immensely enriching experience and the tools I’ve learnt are an invaluable investment for my arts practice. When performing ‘Low’, I feel incredibly connected to sensation and invested in movement in that movement of time. This creates an electric, embodied and truly live experience for responders.

Luigi Vescio