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GO, Kristin Van Loon, Zurich, 2009
Feeling the City

A free workshop with BodyCartography Project

Walker Open Field

Nicollet Mall at S 11th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

How do cities inform our physical being and expression? Engage with the social and physical environments of Minneapolis from the perspective of your sensory and feeling selves. We will experiment with behavioral, reflexive, and personal movement in a variety of public spaces. Together we will investigate how a city can offer opportunities for more empathetic human behavior. Together we will build dances with the city. Collectively we will build a book of scores for alternative urban behavior.

10am-12pm for anyone who is curious irregardless of movement experience

1pm-3pm for anyone who came to the morning session who wants to dive deeper into dance making in the city

Bring shoes and clothes that you can dance in in the city. Bring water as a little else as possible so you are free to move.