36th Annual BMCA Conference 

June 23, 2:00 to 3:45 pm EST

Toni Smith with Panelists Olive Bieringa, David Hurwith, Erika Berland & Miroslav Petrovic

How can a remote presenter (guide, teacher, facilitator) engage experiential participation over the internet?  What kind of approaches provide an opening for participants to sense, feel, “dive deep” into internal territory when separated geographically? Is the screen an adequate tool for sharing research in an experiential format?   How can a virtual presenter “set the tone” for attendees around the world to internally shift, feel and discover independently? What are the techniques available to us and others? Panelist will share how their style evolved and provide a brief concrete approach to “dropping in” to embodiment without others in the room? Panelists will welcome input from viewers as well.