Body-Mind Centering® with Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad and Gry Kipperberg

Mondays series 13:00-16:00
January 13 – March 30, 2020
April 20- June 15, 2020
Qigonsenteret, Oslo
Drop in kr 150/ 11 class series kr 120×0/ 9 class series kr 1000*

Thursday series 18-19.45
February 27- April 2, 2020
April 16- June 18, 2020
Krønsj, Brenneriveien 11, Oslo
Drop in 220/ 6 class series kr 1200 and 10 class series kr 1700

Body-Mind Centering® is a study of the vital materiality of our bodies.
In this series we will cultivate our movement through the deep and subtle somatic approach of Body-Mind Centering®. Utilizing movement, touch, voice and mind we will explore anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental awareness of our self and others. Through movement and touch we will explore different body systems, bones, fascia, connective tissue, organs, fluids, endocrine and nervous system. We will explore how these systems support different ways of moving, performing, breathing, singing, being, behaving and thinking. We will learn about embryological and developmental movement patterns, as way to move from simplicity into complexity, through water, gravity and space.

This class is for movers, dancers, yoga practitioners, bodyworkers, occupational and physical therapists, somatic psychotherapists, infant/child educators, and those from other body-mind disciplines interested in cellular consciousness, movement, and mindfulness. No prior experience with Body-Mind Centering® is necessary.

Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad are performers, choreographers and collaborators known as the BodyCartography Project. They are certified Teachers of Body-Mind Centering®. Together they run the Body-Mind Centering Somatic Movement Education certification in Melbourne, Australia as Program and Educational Directors. They are based in Oslo.
Gry Kipperberg is a long time performer based in Oslo. She is a certified Somatic Movement Educator from the School of Body-Mind Centering®.

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*Our Monday class is a subsidized by PRAXIS Oslo in support the freelance dance community with support from Kulturrådet.