Celebrate & support BodyCartography’s 20th Anniversary! 

We have lots of projects unfolding and we would love your engagement in making them happen, as collaborators, audiences, friends & donors. 

We will be sharing works in Minneapolis, San Francisco, Wellington, and Oslo; cities that have and continue to be vital to growth of BodyCartography’s work. 45 performers, 20 years, 5 projects, 3 cities, 3 museums, 2 festivals, 1 street,  free dance for all!!  

All of our 2018 programming will be free to attend. As always with BodyCartography, it’s all about the people, 100% of this funding will go directly to our dancers and collaborators.

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Our 20th anniversary programming includes:

  • felt roomaction movie & Lineage at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in connection with Robert Rauschenberg: Erasing the Rules exhibit and at the University of Minnesota’s Weisman Art Museum.
  • A residency at the Weisman Art Museum to bring together dancers, medical students and the public to explore embodied embryology.
  • A series of free workshops and performances for the redesigned Nicollet Mall and the Walker Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis.
  • felt room at The Performance Arcade, Wellington’s live art festival.
  • A performance commission for the National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa’s permanent collection.

“From darkness to dimness to light – the “felt room” was a revelation.” Caroline Palmer, Big Dance Town blog, Twin Cities Dance Reviews. Learn more about felt room

“Going back to the lineage and the land is in a sense a cautionary act –a revaluation of origins as consciousness and technology expand “beyond” threatening to decenter us.” Sean Smuda, artist. Learn more about Lineage 

“Very few performances make the present so vivid and felt as Olive Bieringa’s action movie. A simple proposal of being guided with your eyes closed became a profound experience of my body and senses, located and dislocated in a sensuous, outdoor municipal adventure.” Judith Howard, Culturebot.  Learn more about action movie

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thank you for your support

Olive Bieringa & Otto Ramstad