In this class series we will cultivate our movement through the deep and subtle somatic approach of Body-Mind Centering®. Utilizing movement, touch, voice and mind to explore different regions of our bodies through the lens of different body systems, bones, organs, fluids, endocrine, fascia, connective tissue, and nervous system. We will explore how these systems support different ways of being, moving, perceiving, breathing, behaving expressing and thinking.

Class 1 Bones of the feet

Class 2 Bones and ligaments of the foot and foreleg

Class 3 Knee 

Class 4 Femur and muscles of the thigh

Class 5  Pelvis and psoas

Class 6 Reproductive organs

Class 7 Diaphragmatic space


Class 8  Mid abdominal organs

Class 9 Kidneys

Class 10 Spine

Class 11 Heart

Class 12 Lungs

Class 13 arms ribs

Class 14 Skull, jaw, hyoid & senses