photo: Boris Oicherman

“Your body is a performance, a process, a life long performance. Literally you are performers, you perform your body,

you shape your body and the entity that is shaping that is you…”

Jaap Van Der Wall, embryologist

We will build a new dance installation the museum of fluid spaces, a radical embryology classroom and museum. Using movement and touch as doorways into our collective embryological history we will create a series of unfolding dances, workshops and conversations for the public with a team of dancers, somatic practitioners, an embryologist, a writer, a philosopher, a science historian/ethicist, and designers. The work will be situated in the public space of a medical museum or gallery.  The installation would be open every day with performances and other events.

Embryology is an adventure we all undertook to become who we are. Our first 8 weeks after conception when our body forms its basic structure. In this period we transform from a fertilized egg and sperm into two cells that multiply into a cluster of cells that develop in to a highly differentiated human being. Our body evolves as a series of fluid spaces. These fluid spaces and processes underlie and resonant within our current structure and inform our current state of being.

This material invites us to move between sensation, imagination, memory, and the virtual in a nonlinear way. We move back and forward in time between our present body, our early fluid forms and our possible futures. To create a dance from our embryological history is an unbecoming, an un-growing and an un-forming, a performance for the beginning and end of time.

the museum of fluid spaces, as dance, as classroom and as museum will open up ways the work can generate meaning, engagement and experience.

We are currently seeking project partners. Please get in touch. 

Documentation from our initial residency at the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis