“In the first 8 weeks after conception our body forms its basic structure. In this period of transformation from a group of cells to a highly differentiated human being, we go through developments, which deeply affect our movement, our mind and spirit. Some of the tissues and structures developing remain with us, some are transformed into other structures and some fade into the background, no longer existing or recognizable as the original structure. By embodying the process of embryological development, we discover the primal roots of our structure, perception, the ability to respond and to be present. This workshop will use movement and touch as the doorways into our embryological history.”  Founder of Body-Mind Centering® Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

This class will be lead by Certified Teachers of Body-Mind Centering® Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad. It is for movers, makers, yoga practitioners, bodyworkers, somatic psychologists and those from other body-mind disciplines. No prior experience with the Body-Mind Centering® approach is necessary.

Sessions will take place Thursday afternoon through June 22nd.
Drop in classes are $18-30 per class. 6 class card $90-150. Limited work-study available.
Upstairs at 3304 E24th st, Minneapolis, Mn 55406

Photos by Lennart Nillson