How do you use physicality and/or movement to create change in yourself or others?

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  • Pedro Lander says:

    Movement has changed my life. I have been able to translate thoughts and emotions into my body that I would be unable to communicate with language. I have used dance to inform myself and others, I have created awareness in the people around me of situations and experiences that they might not be exposed to otherwise. Through my movement and my collaborations with my community I have been able to explore material and dig through hidden information that is hard to talk about in the daily life. Being conscientous of my body in space and in relationship to those around me has allowed me to develop myself fully. In my opinion, language will always be limited to the social and cultural constructs of each geographical area; movement for me is a radical stance on addressing issues that are thrown underneath the rug.

  • Linsod says:

    Physicality and movement speak when we cannot. Body language says lots about us, and for us. It.s Inreach and outreach, and tribal and momentous. Minute, miniature and massively magnificent. Our uses of bodily signs and comforts, advise our teaching. I sense rather than plan about my absolute beginners. When an utterly, new, fresh, precious and tender dance pupil comes into my presence, I honor their effort, shape and flow. Their signature, their essence. Their foibles or flaws are nothing to me, only new ways for support and interfacing. Each is perfect in every way. From 2 to 92, the dancer is the dance. That is the use I have found for moving together, ie Fun! O…… and every time I teach, I am always more begifted than ever before, and grateful and thankful, calm and confident.

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